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Quinoa, Smoothies and Juice, Oh my!!

October 1, 2010

I’m still enjoying a lot of quinoa- it’s so quick and easy, I like to make it a day ahead. When I have tasty, healthy choices ready in the fridge, I can’t go wrong later when I’m starving. It also frees up my schedule that day. The Hubs and I are doing Insanity workouts 6 days a week, following the suggested schedule and I’m starving when I workout this hard. My strategy is to eat as much as I can early in the day (I’m not normally a breakfast person, but it’s really important), stay super hydrated, and snack healthily in the evening when just I have to- I’m such a night eater!! I’m trying to reverse that and just have water or tea when it’s late. It also helps with so many factors that I’m getting to bed earlier. Not early still, but in bed by 11 or midnight. We used to easily stay up watching shows, playing video games, blogging (and eating) into the wee hours. Shifting everything this way is really making a difference. We can get up, work out, go to work, lunch is ready since I made it the night before… it’s a better groove to be in. And when I don’t feel like cooking or wasn’t able to pre-prepare a meal, we’ve been hitting the Qdoba right across the street. We’ve been doing a good job of steering the car right (Qdoba, Subway) instead of left (Burger King, Wendy’s.) I am addicted to Qdoba’s Mango Taco Salad. I went on their website and was really impressed with their nutritional calculator where you can add exactly what you add to your salad or burrito and it gives you the calories… which could be scary, but isn’t that terrible for the salad. 450 calories is decent- I’m working out and need something totally satisfying. I love eating salad because I can eat so much and feel great after- physically and emotionally. When I get home with the Qdoba salad, I chop a whole head of romaine up small and toss it with all the rest of the salad. It makes it so huge and amazing!! I need to get all the ingredients and start making it myself and not spending so much every day, but it is so good!

Here is the quinoa I made for tomorrow’s lunch: added taco seasoning and cumin to the quinoa while it was cooking, then added a can of black beans, a few chopped mini sweet peppers (which you can get in a huge bag at Costco- awesome crunchy snack!!), a big handful of cilantro, two green onions, and the juice of half a lemon. I prefer lime juice but today I just had a lemon and it’s still really good and tastes super fresh.

Spicy Quinoa with Peppers, Black Beans, cilantro and green onion

And here is a similar quinoa recipe I cooked up last week when I was wanting something spicy again. Salsa, avocado and Ezekiel tortillas…. mmmmm.

Quinoa with black beans, peppers, romaine and salsa

AND! We got a juicer! After all this time of making smoothies and juice in the blender and straining for juice, we now have a juicer. I love it, it is so great for vegetables. It’s not very loud, especially compared to the blender, it just purrrs. We did all sorts of greens and it was awesome. I think we’ll still make a lot of smoothies in the little bullet blender, and it really works well for a lot of things. But for juicing vegetables, I couldn’t be more excited about it. Juice is such a fast, and invigorating breakfast! I love taking my cup of juice to work and sipping on it throughout the morning. I add ice so it’s really refreshing and hydrating at once and with my insulated cup, it stays fresh into the day. Here’s my favorite juice I made last week, though it was in the blender. I’ll have to share some pictures soon (or maybe someday I’ll venture into video…maybe) of using the juicer.

Pomegranate seeds, clementine, wheatgrass

Ready, go!


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