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Relax & Recover

May 30, 2010

When you lifted a lot the day before and really taxed your muscles, they will be sore the next day and that’s a good thing. When you do it right, you really do need a day to recover those muscles. I’ve been doing a lot of weights and cardio, so today needs to be a light day. I have a few favortie routines that I like to use for a light day. Usually I’ll focus on stress relief and flexibility. I’ll go in order of required energy, because sometimes you want a little more or less.

  • power yoga/pilates – MTV Yoga/MTV Pilates, Trainer’s Edge: Long & Lean
  • dance -New York City Ballet workout or various belly dancing
  • exercise ball stretching – Balance Ball videos from Gaiam
  • kundalini yoga – Dance the Chakras or anything else by Ravi and Ana, also try Shiva Rea and Maya Fiennes
  • full-body stretching routine – Bikini Body Fitness Long & Lean stretching is very thorough


Rather than thinking of muscle foods like a body builder and eat a processed “protein bar” and bagel right after a workout, I think of ways to always be supporting tissue regeneration with by getting a lot of protein from different sources to cover all the amino acids. These are the true building blocks of your body! Getting protein from one source every day, like chicken or whey is not good enough. Instead try:

  • greens, sprouts, broccoli
  • quinoa & oatmeal
  • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
  • spirulina and sea vegetables
  • snap peas and sweet peas
  • beans & legumes
  • fat free cottage cheese
  • natural Greek yogurt/kefir
  • eggs
  • turkey, chicken
  • salmon, cod, halibut, tuna
  • soaked/sprouted nuts & seeds
  • almond butter, cashew butter
  • hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkins seeds
  • almond milk, hemp milk
  • goji berries
  • avocados, figs, & coconut all provide essential amino acids
  • bee pollen

You’ll hardly ever find one place recommending all of these protein sources. Yes, I use raw and cooked, vegan and animal products. These are just the ways I get protein now after experimenting on my own and combining information from a lot of different sources because that’s how it makes sense to me. What works for you? What are your favorite ways to get protein?


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